Playtech’s Wild Games Slot Review

In 2012, the Olympics were held in London, and Playtech released the hilarious Wild Games video slot to celebrate that event. This game is still very much alive today because it hit on a combination that players love: a serious theme not taken very seriously. The Olympics are a very serious thing, and Playtech made this game based on a group of wild animals performing the same events, so it ends up being hilarious. The game itself has five reels with 25 paylines, and the coins range from $0.01 to $10 each with the ability to bet just one coin on each payline at a time.

Top Jackpots and Other Prizes

The Wild Games logo is wild and shows up stacked on every reel. Five wilds on an activated payline gets you a 3,000x jackpot payout, but because they are stacked, you’ll always get a larger payout on your winning spin because of all of the additional winning combinations that you’ll get from the minimum of five wilds. A number of other wins come in at 1,000x each as well, so there are plenty of chances to take down massive payouts in this game that could very well go into the five-figure range.

Feature-Packed Animal Mayhem

The animal symbols are stacked in this game as well, and if you fill the middle reel with one of them, then you get to play one of three bonus features. You can play as a cheetah in a 100m race, as a bulldog in a freestyle swimming event or as a hilarious hippo on the balance beam. Each of these features offer a combination of free spins, instant wins and multipliers, so you’ll have excellent opportunities to take down big payouts no matter which of the three you get. Overall, this is a great game with multiple features and chances for massive payouts.